Monday, March 10, 2008


So my first post! I set up this blog a long time ago and I was waiting for something exciting to write about...and my events of tonight I had to share. So Dan is out of town in Chicago for a big convention for all health care administrators. The evening started off great! The family that I work for took me to sushi for dinner and it was very good. They got 10 rolls, soup, appetizers and dessert and there was only the three of us! I always forget how much I love sushi because I don't go too often because Dan hates it. When I got home I was excited to watch shows that I had recorded from our new TeVo! ( we have been talking about getting it for 4 years now) I realized that I really had to pee so I jump up and run to the bathroom... as I'm running at full speed I skid to a stop and SCREAM!!! There hanging right above the toilet was the biggest spider I have ever seen!!!! I turned around and ran out. Nichole called at the very moment and I'm sure when I answered I sounded like someone had just died. It was good to talk to her cause she is more scared of spiders then me and had the idea of sucking it up with the vacuum. I decided that wouldn't be the best idea because the attachment on the vacuum was pretty small on the end and I was scared that the spider would not fit and that it would just be stuck there with its legs all wiggling around. I decided with the help of Dan over the phone to spray it with cleaner and be prepared to step on it. That's what I did and let me tell you it was pretty scary. I have been sky diving and my heart was pounding harder tonight. I really think it was a black widow and that's why I was extra scared. Anyway, I sprayed it and it fell to the ground and after stepping on it three times it finally gave up. Dan was so proud that I had won! So I took a picture of the curled up nightmare. It looks a lot smaller on the picture. I should have put a quarter next to it because it's about that big. Hopefully I won't have nightmares tonight!