Saturday, November 22, 2008

Changes: New job, new apartment, new baby!

In the last couple of months lots has changed in the Peterson home. Dan accepted and has started his new job at UCLA hospital. (The 3rd highest ranked hospital in the US!) He loves it so far. It's so much different from the VA. He says now he feels like he is running an actual business. He manages a couple of different departments within the hospital. The clinical Neurophysiology and Pulmonary departments. In the first week he was already training a seminar on customer service.
To go along with the new job we decided to upgrade our apartment. We have an extra room and more importantly a dishwasher!! It still makes me sick to think that in Utah or pretty much anywhere else we could own a brand new nice spacious house with what we pay in rent. Oh well, but we are like 4 blocks closer to the beach than our old place. The new place has worked out great except for the cockroach and the apartment down the hall got robbed the other day. It was important for us to find a place that is in our current ward. We love our ward. Dan just got called to be the Young Mens President. He will be great the boys all already love him.
The biggest news of all....THE NEW BABY!!!! Everyone pretty much knows but it's exciting to be able to announce it officially. (which Dan did in his talk today. I didn't even know that he was going to do it!) We are so excited and we already have been lucky enough to have 4 ultrasounds to see our cute large lime. (that's what size fruit it is this week) I'm a little over 3 months and decided to take my first tummy pictures. Even though you probably can't see anything I am noticing little by little it is getting larger. I'm so excited to be going through this at the same time at Nichole and Dan's sister Nen. My friend at church is only a week behind me too.
Things have been going soo well and we are very grateful! We can't wait to see everyone in Utah next week!

You can see in the lower pic that our apartment is a mess!! I will post pictures later of the new place when we get everything all settled in.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Somebody is pregnant!

Click HERE to find out who it is!?!