Saturday, July 31, 2010


Dan's family is visiting and his sister Nen is in the middle of training for a full marathon and she needed to run 12 miles today while she is here. She asked if I would want to run with her and I laughed at the fact. I have not ran really at all since the completion of my half and even earlier in the week went for a two mile run and was so tired. I agreed to run six with her knowing that even that would be a challenge. Last night I told Dan that if I was feeling good I wanted to just do the whole thing. He told me about a hundred times that it would not be possible because I was not in shape and I should not get disappointed with how it went. Well, I showed him!! After the first six I was surprisingly still feeling great so I decided to just keep going. I am proud to say that I ran 12 miles in 2 hours with NO TRAINING at all!! I have a fat blister on my toe and I probably wont be able to walk tomorrow but I am still proud none the less and happy to prove Dan WRONG!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

I know all of you have seen these pictures already from my previous post but I had to show you how great they look after my aunt Annette got a hold of them. She is an awesome photographer and edited some of them for me. She also makes these cute letter boards with pictures. She made some for Jade and they turned out great. They will look so cute in her room. Here is a link to her blog so you can see how Jade's turned out.


Thanks Annette!!

Monday, July 19, 2010

13 months

I never posted about Jade at 1 year! I was waiting to get her 1 year pictures done but ended up getting too busy. I was able to go home for the 4th of July so my sister Nichole took these pics for us. We only had about 15 min to take them so I was pretty impressed with how they turned out. She was 13 months at the time.

Because I can't remember all her stats at 1 I will tell you a little about her now.

~She loves Mickey and Elmo
~ Can walk but still prefers to crawl
~ loves to swim and kick, kick, kick!
~has an obsession with food! She loves eating!(a little too much)
~still two naps a day
~talks so well! Some of her favorite words to say: Elmo, all done, ball, bear, bird, sheep noise, and MO (more). When we are in the car as soon as a song ends she says more over and over again until and new song starts.
~loves to copy anything we do or say
~gets so excited when daddy gets home.
~loves to see her friends

Jade we love you!!