Wednesday, February 15, 2012


Do you ever wonder what your little child dreams about? Well, last night Jade woke up screaming. She had a nightmare. She had a horrible dream about being at church in nursery. She said that they were having Valentine's day snacks and she didn't want to have the snack at church, she wanted to have it at home. Of course her nightmare would be about food! So funny! Adelle slept 8 hours straight for the first time, too bad we were still woken up by big sis.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Friday, February 3, 2012

Here are the one week pics! I know most of you have already seen them. But they are so cute I couldn't resist posting some more.

Adelle is now a little older than a month! She has been an angle. She really is such a good baby. She never cries and sleeps a ton. Last night I fed her at 9:30 pm and she went to sleep and then she didn't wake up until 6am!! She is just now starting to notice Jade. It's cute because she will just want to sit in her bouncy chair and watch her play. I also wanted to report that she did great while I was away. Last weekend a bunch of friends and I got together for a weekend in Palm Springs. I was a little nervous to leave Adelle but she did great. Dan loved it too. While I was gone I called to check in on him to see how things were going. He told me that he had already taken both girls with him to get his haircut and then they went to the park! He also told me that he was having so much fun with them and that I should go away more often!! Anyone else want to go on a girls trip??? I need to take him up on his offer before he forgets!