Monday, December 6, 2010

Santa 2010

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Shutterfly holiday cards!

I have been seeing on all my friends' blogs about how Shutterfly is giving away 50 free holiday cards!! I love Shutterfly and especially their holiday cards. I actually just ordered my Christmas cards from them a week ago so you can imagine how I feel now that I could have received them for free. But, I can always use more cards especially because I keep on remembering people who I want to send a card to who I had previously not counted for. It was hard for me to pick which one I liked best because there was so many great ones to choose from. I will not spoil which own I chose but I will say that it's colorful and not the traditional red and green.

Not only does Shutterfly have Christmas cards but they also have the cutest birth announcements. They have great picture books and I have made 3 of from them so far. It's super easy to do and you can even just upload pictures and they will make it into a book for you! I just made Jade a Halloween book with pictures of her in her costume and all of her friends and cousins in their costumes too. She loves it! I have also have made 4 of their picture calendars. They now have desk calendars that can be a great present for your husband to use on their work desks.

I have used Shutterfly many many times and have loved everything that I've ordered through them! Check it out for yourself!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

Today we headed to the Grove to see a musical show in Pottery Barn Kids and to see Santa. She loved the music but screamed the whole time with Santa. She was already crying waiting in line so it made seeing Santa worse. We will have to try it out again some other time. These are some funny videos of her dancing to the music!


We went to the Zoo this week with Macy and Nate. Here are some pictures of the fun we had!

18 months

Jade is 18 months!! How is this possible? It went too fast. We are excited that she can now officially go to nursery! She has been going for the last month because of our callings. Here is a little about Jade at 18 months:

  • weighs 26.8lbs (80%)
  • height 32 inches (56%)
  • at least she got a little taller. Last time she was below average in height and still over in weight.
  • if you have been around her at all you know that this girl can TALK. I really have never heard someone her age speak so well. She has so many words I can't even count. She pretty much can say anything.
  • She now puts 3-4 words together. She just came up to me and said, "read cupcake book please." The other day she came up to me with a plastic plate and spoon and said, "mmm pasta good!"
  • She still loves Elmo and everything Mickey Mouse. She also has been getting into the whole princess thing. She loves Tinker Bell!
  • She still takes 2 naps a day! The first usually an hour and the second 2 hours. I'm going to hold onto the 2 naps as long as possible!
  • She has 11 teeth and is currently getting all the rest of them.
  • Hahaha, now she is eating breakfast and is saying, "more more more breakfast and yogurt." Which brings me to my next point, this girl can EAT! She never wants to stop. I really think I've never seen her full. Just like daddy!
  • She loves her friends and says their names all day long.
  • She loves to spin in circles and will spin and spin until I make her stop.
  • She loves to drum on everything. I need to get her a little drum!
  • She loves music and will just stand and listen for a long time. In the car one of her songs are on at all times and she lets me know if she doesn't like the one that's on. She is picky in her choice of music.
  • Loves airplanes and has been on 30 flights already!
  • Loves Disneyland!
  • She loves reading books. Her favorites are: If you give a cat a cupcake, Pinkalicious, If you take a mouse to the movies, Who loves the Little Lamb. She knows almost every word to the books too. She gets sick of reading the same books over and over so we go to the library a lot.
  • When she doesn't want to do something like brushing her teeth she closes her eyes and hides and thinks I can't see her. It's so funny.
  • Her favorite time is when Dan gets home and we run to meet him at the bus stop.

Here is a video of her that I took yesterday. She took her baby basket and made it into a hat and then took a ribbon and was running around saying kite. She's a silly girl and we love her!

Thanksgiving 2010

This year we went to Sacramento for Thanksgiving and was able to spend time with my entire family minus Chandler who is still in China. We missed you Chan!! We had a blast!!! Here are some of the fun things we were able to do while being home. Sorry, it's a lot of pictures. You will notice Jade still likes to say cheese when she sees a camera so it was hard to get any good ones of her.

Auntie Sierra and Claire
We took all the kids to do the Thanksgiving dinner shopping. What were we thinking???

Best friends..NOT! Jade has never hit any other kid until this weekend. Every time Claire came near her she would hit her away. Already cousin rivalry. Hopefully they will grow to be good friends.

Black Friday!! This isn't even all the stuff we got. My mom's bags and our new TV were in another room!

We went for a vintage theme for the Thanksgiving table.

I was able to meet up with Tasha for lunch one day. Yes Jade is picking her nose. It was the best one!

Our last night we all went to John's Incredible Pizza. It is like a Chuck E Cheese on steroids. It was soo fun!! You know the claw game where you can win a toy but nobody ever does? Well, we won it 4 times!!! Jade's favorite part of the night was the two dog balloons she got. She would not let go of them. Here she is eating while not letting her dog go.

Here is the winnings of the claw game!

What a fun trip..see you all soon for Christmas!!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Beach Day in November

Yesterday was 99 degrees and today is supposed to be 96 so we took advantage of this heat and headed to the beach. Normally, Thursday is park day so we just got everyone together at the beach instead. It's called mother's beach because there is no waves and it's super shallow so the kids can just run and play in the water. We had so much fun!

Jade getting ready. Remember how I mentioned the face she makes when she sees a camera??

Jordan and Ava were able to come too!!

A little hesitant at first..

But that didn't last long!

While we enjoy going to the beach we are ready to get some cooler weather. Good thing we will be in Utah this weekend!!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Clean up

This has been great. She has unloaded the silverware everyday since!!
(don't worry, I remove all of the knives first!)

Monday, November 1, 2010

Halloween 2010

We had a great Halloween!! It was so fun that Jade was old enough to go trick-or-treating. She even said,"tricker treeat!" This year Dan was in charge of the haunted house for our ward's Halloween party so Jordan and I decided to join in on the zombie makeup. I thought Jade would be scared of us but she wasn't at all. We all three even went in with full makeup to wake her up from her nap. It was like she didn't even notice. Here are some pictures from the night.

It was so fun to have aunt Jordan here to celebrate with us!

I love this one..look at Jade's face and we weren't even paying attention!

This is her new smile when she sees a camera. She is also saying, "cheeeeeese!"

Dan's haunted house turned out awesome!! I was even scared going through.

Getting her candy! She still doens't know what it is yet. But was was happy to put it in her bag.

Now we are looking forward to Christmas!!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last night when we went to say goodnight to Jade this is how we found her. What a babe!



Yesterday Jade was invited to her friends Halloween party! It was so cute to see all the kids in their costume. Jade and Macy were both Minnie!

It was hard to get a picture of all the kids. Here were some of them.

First we ate some lunch and then we did some cookie decorating. This was Jade’s first time eating candy and she loved it! She also loved the pumpkin cookie!!

Stuffing her face with candy while she could.

Later the kids went trick-or -treating to the moms. Jade was excited for all the goodies. Good thing she dosen’t know what is inside the candy wrappers!

The Farm

Earlier this month we went to Underwood Farms!! It was super hot that day so we didn’t stay too long but still had a great time. We went on a hayride and Jade rode a pony for the first time!! I was so proud that she rode it all by herself.

These are her new sunglasses. She loves them and never wants to take them off!

Here is a picture of Jade almost exactly one year ago on the same hayride!!!

Notice how red her cheeks are. It was miserably hot!

Girls Weekend!!

It had been awhile since our Disneyland girls weekend and we were due for another getaway. Carrie’s mom owns a beautiful house in the Palm Desert so we decided to go for the weekend. We had so much fun! It was nice to just sit and talk with no interruptions from our kids. Saturday morning we slept in and when we woke up went straight to Michaels! Of course we would want to go shopping! Our Michaels in Santa Monica is the worst so we had to take advantage of the huge Michaels with ample parking right in the front! We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the pool, talking in the hot tub, and going on the paddle boat. Thanks for a great weekend, let’s plan another!!