Friday, January 21, 2011

Maui here we come!!

It is official!!!!!We are going to Maui without Jade the second week in March. Our good friends the McCooks will be joining us. Everyone is invited!!!
I'm a little nervous leaving Jade, but I'm sure I will get over it!

Princess Time

Today at Disneyland I decided to let Jade meet the Princesses. She knows all of their names and talks about them everyday so I knew she would love it. Today she met Aurora, Snow White, and Tinker Bell!! She was a little shy but she did give Tinker Bell a kiss on the cheek!

She spotted Snow White while meeting Aurora and immediately lost interest and wanted to move on to Snow White!
She is freaky looking don't you think? You would think the Princesses would be beautiful!

HAHA, I love this picture! She wouldn't stand by her alone but she would sit so I could take the picture.

Here are some other pictures of our fun day. It was one of the best Disneyland days!! We arrived at 9 and left at 3 and rode 15 rides!!

Yes, they all are wearing monkey leashes. Don't knock them until you have a child at Disneyland and have to stand in lines for a long time. It is easier and more safe!! Don't worry it's the only place we ever use it.

Sea World

Last weekend we were lucky enough to go stay at the Dalton's beach house and go to SEA WORLD with them! The beach house was amazing. I have no pictures, but picture opening the living room door to sand and the ocean. Thanks Carrie and Matt we had a blast! Sea World was super fun too. We have never been so we were excited. We saw all the animal shows and hit up sesame street land which Jade LOVED!! When you buy a day you get a year free so we will be seeing a lot more of Shamu!

Huge Stingrays that you can feed!
Jade's first 3D experience. It was an Elmo movie, but it kinda freaked her out. She did not like stuff popping out in her face.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Doe, a deer!

This is one of the many songs that she sings all day long!!

Monday, January 10, 2011

Cooking, Cardmaking, and Crafts!

My sister Nichole just started a new blog! Check it out!!!
Click here for the link!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

first time sledding!

SO CUTE! She hated the snow clothes though!

They went down the hill like this! Watch the video below!!
She loved eating the snow, just like mommy!

Christmas morning!

The Christmas Tree!!

Walking down the stairs!

The first thing she went for was the balloon animals daddy made her!

Some of the instruments my fam got. Notice how Jordan was crying. She asked for a banjo for Christmas and my dad had her first open a black guitar. She was excited about it even though she already has one at home but she acted happy about it until she opened the banjo. Then she started bawling because that's what she really wanted and she thought my dad just got her a guitar. It was pretty funny!

Jade with some of her new toys!

Pajama Christmas party!!

Jade was able to go to Ella and Ava's very fun Christmas pajama party!! Here are some pictures of the day. Jade loves to play with all of their fun toys!!

Disneyland with daddy

Dan took a day off of work when Em was in town and we all headed to Disneyland! We go so often without Dan so it was extra special to have him with us. Being at Disneyland during Christmas time is magical! The lights are beautiful and it snows!! We also stayed and saw the world of color show. What a great day!!!!