Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Spoke too soon

Just yesterday I posted about how Jade could pull herself up on her knees but could not stand up yet.....well look who I found this morning! She was crying because she had dropped her blankie out and wanted it back. She knew she needed to catch up quick because her cousin Claire can already stand up and she is younger than her. HAHA look at that hair!!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Chicago, Ann Arbor, and Chicago again.

I have to start by saying that I am so mad because we did not take enough pictures!! I'm so mad that we saw friends that we haven't seen in 3 years and forgot to snap even one photo!!!

Dan was able to go to a conference for work in Chicago and Jade and I decided to tag along. What a great trip. The first 3 days we were in Chicago. Dan was pretty busy so Jade and I explored Chicago and did a lot of shopping. Dan's uncle and aunt were also there for the same conference and they were nice enough to invite us to their awesome suite. They had never met Jade before so it was fun to see them and also they introduced Dan to some very successful people in the business. Dan's uncle by the way was just elected at the conference as Chairman- Elect of the American College of Healthcare Executives. He is so nice and amazing at what he does. If Dan is even half as succesful as him we would be grateful.

Here are some photos of us in the WINDY city!! (the weather was nice until the last day, and then we knew why it had that nickname)

After the conference was over we drove 4 hours to Ann Arbor. This is where we lived 3 years ago when Dan was in Grad school. We were able to see our good friends Chris and Beth Anderson and their two cute boys. Dan's childhood friends and best man at our wedding lives 45 min from Ann Arbor, so they were nice enough to drive up each day to see us. It was great to spend time with them and to see their kids. Yesterday, we got up and drove the 4 hour ride back to Chicago and hopped on the 4 hour plane ride home.

I have to make special mention of how great Jade was our whole trip. She was a trooper!! She slept great the whole trip and was just a happy girl the whole time. And most of you all know how nervous I was for the flight with her all by myself....well, Dan took her with him and he said it went great. Yesterday, on the flight home she fell asleep on me twice and was a little angle.

We are so glad to be home but we have very busy weeks to follow. My mom, dad and Stevie fly in tomorrow for a week, and then in two weeks they come out again for Stevie's birthday. This time the WHOLE family is coming. I CAN'T WAIT!! Then two days after they leave, Dan's sisters Em, and Nen come! Busy, but so much fun!!


So most of you know that my cousin Ashly is on this season of Dancing with the Stars. She invited me to go to the first show of the season. It was a blast. I went with my other cousins Averie, Autumn, and her husband Dereck. I was excited to go because this season had some stars that I really wanted to meet.

I really for some reason wanted to meet Kate Gosslin! After Jade was born I would watch John and Kate plus 8 in the middle of the night while I was up with a screaming baby. Maybe watching her with 8 kids helped me to know that I could handle one. She was really nice and even made a joke about how she was the reason why my camera wasn't working at first. She said she has that effect on them. (if you have seen the show you would know that was true)

The next person I was dying to meet was....


After the show everyone has to leave right away but we had backstage wrist bands so we could hang around to meet people. Everyone is busy doing press stuff for awhile and we stood waiting to get to meet Jake but finally decided to give up and go to Ashly's trailer. Well, when we decided to leave there was Jake walking by to go to his trailer so we were able to talk to him for awhile. He was really nice too. He is much smaller in person.

And if I met Jake I would have to also meet..

So Vienna is much cuter in person then on T.V. I was not a fan of hers at all but she was nice. Yes, that is Gia in the photo also. Isn't that weird how they are friends? They both just a couple of months ago were fighting for the same guy, and now they are super great friends. Jillian and Ed were there too, but I didn't get a picture. So when you get there you have assigned seats and your name is on your chair. So when we first sat down we looked around to see who famous people would be there and where they were sitting. Jake's parents were assigned to sit right next to Vienna and then Gia. But, it was weird because Gia ended up sitting next to Jake's parents not Vienna....problems with the future in-laws already!

I'm not a fan of Pamela Anderson so I did not care to get a picture with her, but I did snap one of a random person with her. By the way, Pamela is very interesting. At all times (even when the cameras are no where near her) she acts all sexy and seductive. It was gross. The was you see her on T.V looked to me like how she acts ALL the time. Her hair also was so huge there could have been a nest of rats living in there.

Chad Ocho Cinco with Dereck

We had such a fun time. Thanks a ton Ash!!! My mom is going to the show tomorrow I'm excited for her she will have a blast!


(and yes I will bug you all every week!)

9 months and 10 months!

I never posted about nine months and now she is already 10 months!!!! Here is a photo of her at 9 months! (It is bad quality because I took a picture of the picture rather than scanning it)

Jade is now 10 months!!!Here are some facts about her at this age:

  • In the last week she started doing the cutest things!!! Yesterday for the first time I asked her to give me a kiss, and she opened her mouth super wide and with her slobbery tongue leaned her mouth up to my cheek and even made a noise like she was giving me a kiss. I almost died!
  • She also for the first time last week did the sign for EAT in sign language. I asked her if she wanted to eat and she just started doing it.
  • She now pulls herself up on anything she can but only to her knees. She still doesn't know yet of the possibilities of standing up.
  • I took her swimming in Chicago and she was in heaven. She loves being in the water.
  • She now can make the "th" sound! She has a lot of bath toys that squirt out water and loves to play with them even out of the bath. We always take the toy and squirt air into her face. The other day after we had done it a couple of times, she started doing the "th" sound and we noticed that she was trying to copy the sound of the air squirting out of the toy! Now she does it anytime she sees those toys. It's so funny!
  • This girl LOVES to eat. She still cries when her bottle is empty and never lets me know when she is full with solids. I can never give her little snacks like puffs to keep her quiet during church because once I start, I cannot stop!
  • She is getting her 5th tooth in now. Her poor gums are all bruised. But she seems like it hasn't bothered her at all.
  • She loves Elmo and baby dolls. She loved visiting the American girl store.
  • She loves books and they can entertain her for a long time.

She is the BEST!

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


It is official.....today I bought my first diapers. I have been enjoying the beauty of my free diapers from ELLEN and used my last one. It has been a beautiful last nine months and I will miss you forever! (or until I get on the show again) :)

Jade loves Aunt Stevie!

Last week Jade and I were able to go to Sacramento to babysit Sheridan and Stevie. We had such a great time. It was nice to have someone around to help entertain Jade. She just loves her auntie Stevie, she could watch her all day long. Here are some photos of what our week looked like:

We would take turns pulling each other on the long board.

Jade loved Sasha! She was so patient with Jade pulling on her.

You better get use to this Jade.

After a yummy dinner at Red Robin.

At Dinner, she is still a little scared of Sheridan.

We were able to visit Cristina and the boys to celebrate Spencer's Birthday!!

I know she doesn't look happy in this pic, but she loved when Stevie would just push her all around the house.

Playing with all of Stevie's toys! New toys are the BEST!

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Dancing with the stars!!!

Well it's finally official!!! My cousin Ashly is back on the show and will be dancing with Buzz Aldrin!!!! We are so excited for her and know that she will do great. Get ready to be doing a lot of voting because we will need everyone's help to keep her on the show.  He is 80 years old so it will be hard for him to keep up with the other dancers. Anyway, I'm super excited that she is in L.A. and that Averie came along too. The show starts March 22 so make sure to watch and VOTE!

Monday, March 1, 2010


Wow, I can't believe that it has already been 6 years!! It has been the best 6 years ever! Thinking back I can't believe at 18 that I was able to make such a good decision. I was so immature and was lucky to still pick pick such a great guy. Here's to many more wonderful years.