Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Jade is now 6 months!!!!!!!!!

I can't believe how fast that went by.
Some things about Jade at 6 months-

  • weighs 16 pounds
  • She LOVES eating baby cereal. The first bite she swallowed right down and then leaned in and grabbed the spoon for more.
  • She loves to hear herself so she is always making little noises.
  • When she is bored or mad she grunts until I give her a new toy.
  • Every morning I find her in the opposite corner of the crib from where I put her down and on her tummy.
  • she sleeps 11-12 hours at night and 3 naps
  • She can put her paci back in her mouth which I'm so thankful for.
  • Grandma taught her how to stick her tongue out and now she does it all the time.
  • She loves being out and about watching people.(mall, grocery store)
  • When we travel which has been a lot (already 16 plane rides) she has a hard first couple of days and only will let mommy hold her.
  • LOVES the bath and her bath toys
  • cries when she finishes her bottle no matter how many ounces I give her
  • loves the baby bjorn
  • so cuddly
  • loves her blanket
  • kicks her legs like crazy when she is excited
  • loves playing with aunt stevie
She is so cute and we love her soooo much!