Sunday, September 18, 2011


Pictures from the last couple of weeks!

We were able to go to the Kidspace Museum with Dan. It was fun to people to go with Dan because we are so used to going to these types of places while he was at work.

Our Disneyland pass is valid again. We sure missed going during the summer. I can't wait for this week when all of the Halloween decorations are up! Look at cute Nate! I love his pose!

I am now 6 months and I look pregnant!!
Today I straightened Jade's hair. She looked like such a big girl and her hair was so long!

Jade had her first ballet class this week! She sure loved to dance. I couldn't keep her still for a minute. She kept running up to me and the teacher throughout the class saying, "I love my ballet class!" Now we just need to get her some ballet shoes, a leotard, and some tights!