Monday, September 7, 2009


Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It has been SO hot here!! Poor Jade has to sleep nakie in the living room right next to our air conditioner.

Thanks KIM!

My friend made this cute outfit for Jade! We love it!! (she even made the leggings)

ps Dan's beard is TEMPORARY!


Ella had her 2nd birthday a couple of weeks was a pony party. here are some of the pics of Jade enjoying the party!!

DAN IS 28!

I can't believe he's 28!!! We are getting so old!

Happy Birthday DAN!!

We went out to Dan's favorite restaurants Black Angus to celebrate! We were hoping that Jade would sleep the whole time but she was wide awake and didn't want to miss the party. She is always a little angle when we are out in public. I think she just loves to look around and see everything new. The other night we went with Dan to a dinner with his boss and everyone he works with. I was so nervous because we were the only ones that brought a child. We were there for around three hours and she was perfect. She just sat in her carseat most of the time and looked around. After we left, she broke down and screamed the whole way home. That's what always seems to happen but we are lucky that she's great in public.

She really is such a good girl. She has been sleeping GREAT!!! 3 two hour naps and then she sleeps 10-11 hours straight at night. She loves her paci and her blankie. With both she will sleep good. It scars me because she loves to sleep with it covering her face. So i go in everytime and fix it. We have a video baby monitor which I totally remcommend. I always know if she's actually sleeping or I can tell when the blanket is covering her face too much. I just took this picture of her sleeping on the monitor