Friday, April 25, 2008

Stevie's 6th Birthday!

Stevie eating saltines with no hands
Dad going down the stairs
Me catching the popcorn
Little Princess

Dan and I were able to go home for the weekend for Stevie's 6th birthday!! I took her to a little kids beauty boutique where she got her hair, nails, and makeup done. She loved it and looked soo cute! We had so much fun. The highlight of the trip was the obstacle course tournament!! The race started out with a bike ride around the block. Next you had to do certain things while riding Stevie's little scooter. (going under a ladder on the scooter, hitting a football into a marked area) Then for the hardest part, going up the stairs legs first on your stomach! At the top of the stairs my mom would to a charade and you had to guess it before you could continue. Then down the stairs arms first where you had to catch a piece of popcorn in your mouth thrown from above. Next on to the boggle game where you had to find three words. Then eat 5 saltine crackers with no hands. This is hard and what made it even worse was that you were so out of breath and your mouth was already dry by this point. I smoked everyone at this part! Next balance on a yoga ball for 30 sec, sink 3 balls on the pool table, and then to finish it off jump on a mat in the pool and paddle to the other side! It was a lot of fun and the whole neighborhood started to join in on the action. What a fun weekend!

Thursday, April 3, 2008

Nichole tagged me

This one is a Hubby Survey:)

What is your husband’s name? Daniel Odell Peterson

How long have you been together? We've been married for 4 years!! That seems so long!

How long did you date? Met in the summer of 2003, Engaged December 2003, married Feb 27, 2004

Who eats more? He does!! He's NEVER full. Once we even thought he had a tapeworm

Who said I love you first? He took him forever though!!! I was getting sick of the whole I like you sooo much stuff.

Who is taller? I am 5'7" he is 6'4"

Who has more speeding tickets? I don't really know... I think we both have gotten one since we've been married. I know that I have gotten the worse one though.. it was $300!

Who is smarter?Dan is..he comes from a family where everyone is a genius.

Who is more sensitive? Me

Who does the laundry? We actually always do it together. We both have to haul it downstairs to do it. I probably end up folding more than he does and I have to rotate the clothes cause he doesn't know which stuff of mine can dry.

Who does the dishes? Both..he might even end up doing them more.

Who sleeps on the right? Dan

Who pays the bills? I do the ones that come in the mail and he takes care of paying off the credit card.

Who mows the lawn? We don't have a lawn but if we did I bet it would be him.

Who cooks dinner? We both do.. it's almost always a joint effort.

Who drives when you are together? We both do. If we take my car I mostly do and his car he does.. he thinks it's too annoying to adjust the seats.

Who is more stubborn? Me

Who kissed whom first? Dan on our first date!

Who asked who out first? Well Dan told me that the next time I was in town to call him so we could hang out.. and I called him. But Nichole probably helped set it up.

Who has more siblings? He has 3 sisters and two brothers and I have 6 sisters
I tag Tasha cause I don't have very many friends on here yet!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

For the past week I was able to babysit Stevie!! She flew out to LA all by herself and it was her first time on a plane! She was such a big girl. We had lots of fun together. She came to work with me which she loved.. one day I got off earlier than I expected and she was so sad because she wanted to stay all the way until dinner time. Ella loved to see Stevie and we all had fun going on nature walks together. Stevie loved going to the beach where she collected lots of sheshells. (that's what she calls them) She could collect them all day if I'd let her. One day we had just gotten home from work and I was on the computer and I heard her drinking something. I turned around to see her slurping up the last drops of her cereal from that morning that had been sitting out all day!!! She said it didn't taste sour but like cinnamon because it was cinnamon toast crunch cereal. I about died!!! Luckily she didn't get sick. We were so lucky to have had her here and it wasn't too sad when she left because we get to see her in one week when we go home for her birthday!!