Thursday, October 28, 2010

Last night when we went to say goodnight to Jade this is how we found her. What a babe!



Yesterday Jade was invited to her friends Halloween party! It was so cute to see all the kids in their costume. Jade and Macy were both Minnie!

It was hard to get a picture of all the kids. Here were some of them.

First we ate some lunch and then we did some cookie decorating. This was Jade’s first time eating candy and she loved it! She also loved the pumpkin cookie!!

Stuffing her face with candy while she could.

Later the kids went trick-or -treating to the moms. Jade was excited for all the goodies. Good thing she dosen’t know what is inside the candy wrappers!

The Farm

Earlier this month we went to Underwood Farms!! It was super hot that day so we didn’t stay too long but still had a great time. We went on a hayride and Jade rode a pony for the first time!! I was so proud that she rode it all by herself.

These are her new sunglasses. She loves them and never wants to take them off!

Here is a picture of Jade almost exactly one year ago on the same hayride!!!

Notice how red her cheeks are. It was miserably hot!

Girls Weekend!!

It had been awhile since our Disneyland girls weekend and we were due for another getaway. Carrie’s mom owns a beautiful house in the Palm Desert so we decided to go for the weekend. We had so much fun! It was nice to just sit and talk with no interruptions from our kids. Saturday morning we slept in and when we woke up went straight to Michaels! Of course we would want to go shopping! Our Michaels in Santa Monica is the worst so we had to take advantage of the huge Michaels with ample parking right in the front! We spent the rest of the day hanging out by the pool, talking in the hot tub, and going on the paddle boat. Thanks for a great weekend, let’s plan another!!

Small world

Lately we have been really getting the most of our Disneyland pass. We have gone three times in October already and will probably go again next week. Jade’s favorite ride is Small World. It was funny because the other day she took her nap on the way and she woke up when we were in the parking garage and she just barely peeked her eyes open and immediately she yelled, “DISNEYLAND!!”

We love it there and it has been fun this month to see all of the Halloween decorations. I cannot wait until Christmas time there! Here are some pictures of our past visits.

Pooped after a long day at Disney!

It's so cute she always runs up to me and gives my legs a hug. (She accidentally hugged a couple of strangers that day too!)

Small World!! This video is kind of long but I love watching how excited she is on this ride.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Elmo's World

Yesterday Jade was playing and I heard her singing. I recognized the song, do you recognize it too? Isn't that so funny? I love how she gets the do do doo part too! What a BABE! Now we are off to Dinseyland! And speaking of singing, she's singing HO HO HO HO right now!(the yo ho ho ho a pirate's life for me)I told her we are going to Dinseyland and we talked about the pirate ride.

please excuse the huge belly coming out of her shirt!

Friday, October 15, 2010

sneak peek of halloween!

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

New Words

Monday, October 4, 2010

A couple of months ago I bought a huge framed mirror from a garage sale with the idea of turning it into either a cork board or a chalk board. Well, it has been sitting behind Jade's crib ever since and I finally got around to painting and transforming it. I wish I took a before pic. Just imagine it to be an ugly wood mirror. Here is how it turned out. I love it!

It was super easy. I just painted the frame blue and used chalk board paint. I suggest using the spray paint kind because it's easier to get a smooth finish and it's cheaper!

Here are some pictures from Ava's first birthday!! It was such a fun party. There were people there to play music and sing for the kids and before the performance Jade went and sat on the blankets waiting for them to start. It was so cute. They started to sing and give Jade her own show. She loved it!

At the party we were able to get our silhouettes done. A sillouette artist Karl Johnson was there. He is amazing!! He has been in O magazine and has cut out lots of famous people's faces. Here is how mine and Jade's turned out. I'm mad that Dan never got his done. I wish I took more pictures from the party because everything was beautiful. My camera died right at the start!

He's so good right? He just sits and looks at you and cuts and it only takes about a minute!

Friday, October 1, 2010


I successfully made it through one week of P90X. It is intense! I have been struggling to find the perfect way to workout now that Juliann is gone. I just can't get myself to go running and pushing Jade without her. I have been trying lots of different things. I did a week trial at the gym a couple of weeks ago, but Jade hated the kids club. I was sad because I got very excited about the fact that I could just drop her off and workout all by myself. Oh well, maybe when she is a little older. One day the lady did spill coffee on her so I guess I don't blame her for hating it.

I have had the P90X for awhile and decided to give it a try. It's nice because I can just do it in my living room every morning and Jade just plays around me and eats breakfast while I workout. I already feel so much stronger. Today's workout I did 30 pull ups! (not all at once and some with a chairs help) I have been super sore everyday and probably will for the next 3 months. Now you will know why you see me waddling around or having a hard time picking up Jade. Now I just need to get Dan to do it with me...