Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Birthday Boy

This past weekend Dan turned 31! We got a babysitter and tried stand up paddle boarding. It was super fun! Not hard at all and actually easy not to fall over. It was fun to just spend some time together doing something that we wouldn't be able to do with kids!

Then we picked up the girls and went out to dinner. 

His actual birthday was on Sunday so we were able to celebrate some more the next day with homemade doughnuts, cookies, and bread pudding!

Happy Birthday Babe!! We sure love you!


I cannot believe how fast this little girl is growing up. I thought Jade grew up fast but this is crazy! She is 8 months this week and is already moving all over the place. I wouldn't call it 100% crawling up on her knees, but it's for sure an army crawl. She is starting to be more like Jade with how much she loves food which scares me a little. She cries when I'm done feeding her solids or after drinking her milk, no matter how much I give her. Just like sister. Other than those crying times, she is still a little angle. She is just happy ALL the time. She is content at all times just playing on the floor or watching big sis. She still is napping two great naps a day and sleeping 7pm-7am. She even can still fall asleep in my arms at church which Jade would not do at this age. She is so cuddly and will just lay her head on my shoulder which I love. She can say DA DA and still has no teeth. Her hair is finally starting to grow in and looks like it will be pretty light. She still has to see the physical therapist weekly for the toricollis. Hopefully that will be resolved soon because I'm getting sick of stretching her poor neck! Here are some recent pictures of our little sweet cheeks!

Sacramento -August 2012-

We were able to see my entire family a couple of weeks ago in Sacramento for Chandler's baby shower! Chandler is having a little boy due in October. It was fun to be able to see her pregnant and it was a great reason to get the entire family together. Getting everyone together doesn't happen that often so we made sure to take lots of pictures. While is Sacramento we went panning for gold, went to the river, and of course we visted Letherbys!

All of the cousins! Jade and Claire got a long so well. Thank goodness they are past how they used to be!
Adelle and Kellen
Old Sacramento
Panning for gold!