Sunday, September 19, 2010


Last night our ward had a chili cook off and they asked Dan to be the host. When he first agreed he did not realize to the extent of what they were asking. They made him where this costume and he had to be wild and crazy the entire night. (I guess they asked the right guy) I took Jade to go see him before he was introduced and she was so scared of him.

Along with the chili we played the name game. The winner won TWO ROUND TRIP TICKETS ON SOUTHWEST. When I heard the prize I knew I would win! I was awesome. I finished well before anyone else BUT, the rules stated that anyone who finished before the time limit would be the winner and if there was more then one then they would draw a name from a hat. Well a guy named Josh also finished the game. They drew the name and it was JOSH!!! I was soo close. If I had to lose to anyone, I am glad that it was Josh. Oh well, I will win next time


Last weekend we were able to go to Palm Springs with the McCooks. My aunt owns a house right on golf course and was nice enough to let us use it. Besides the first night of Jade not sleeping and a broken air conditioner, we had a BLAST!

On Saturday morning the boys golfed while Taryn and I dared to go to the Living Desert Zoo. It was so hot. I think it was like 106, but imagine that at a zoo where you had to walk a mile to each animal. Poor Taryn had to listen to me complain the whole time. I really thought I was going to melt away. The animals were awesome though. They were all animals that you would find in the desert. (camels, warthogs, zebras, and giraffes) It was fun to be at the zoo with Nate because he loves animals so much. I had to keep asking him what animals we were looking at.

After the zoo we went swimming and it felt so good. The rest of the time we spent goinging on golf cart rides, eating yummy food, and playing Ticket to Ride.

What a fun trip! Let's do it again soon!

Dan got paid 5 bucks to drink the milk from Macy's bottle!


Aren't they so cute?

Noah's Ark

We had such a fun time at the Noah's Ark exhibit at the Skirball museum. We decided to do a fun activity this time on Saturday so that Dan could come too! Jade loved to see all the animals. If you haven't been there you should try it out!

Jade loves apples! (it was her favorite new word that week)

Jade LOVES to read