Tuesday, April 28, 2009


Hey everyone tonight I get to go to the taping of Dancing with the stars to watch my cousin afton dance. Please everyone vote for her I would love for her to make it so that she can live close to me!!

 Baby update:
  I had my 35 week appointment today and my uterus is only measuring 30 weeks so I'm ordered to be on partial bedrest(which isn't bad I just have to lay on my left side for at least 3 hours during the day) and I have to get a non stress test twice a week until the babe comes.  They estimate that she will low 6 pounds. It's so crazy that I only have 5 more weeks!!! Tomorrow is my baby shower so I will post some pics from it soon!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

VEGAS 32 weeks!

We went to vegas for the weekend with our friends Taryn and Ryan. Taryn did a great post already with pictures so instead of writing it all again check out her page. 


The last days ended kinda sucky for Dan and I because we had to miss phantom and we had to go to the hospital. I started to get contractions and they would not stop. I couldn't tell when they were starting or stopping it was just super super tight continuously.  My doctor told me to go straight to the hospital but I even tried laying down and they were much better but still wouldn't stop. I knew I wasn't in labor but we decided to be safe and go in.  The baby was fine but after being hooked up to monitors for 2 hours they had to give me meds to stop the contractions because they just kept coming. They weren't dilating me which was the good news.  I'm still taking them until Friday when I see my doctor here in LA. Hopefully they won't make me go on bedrest. Today has been much better though.  Luckily my sister Chandler is in town to help me watch Ella.  But I can tell the medicine really helps when it starts to wear off they start coming back.  Chan brought her camera so here is the latest picture. Sorry that I keep posting these lame belly shots but with no computer or camera to save them it's my only way to keep them for the future. 
  Oh and I forgot to mention that the doctor gave me a sleeping pill the night of the hospital visit and I guess it made me go crazy. I don't remember anything but dan will be glad to share all of the funny things that i was saying and doing.