Monday, August 10, 2009

claire and jade's baby blessing

These are cute pics that my aunt Annette took of the babies after the blessing!

John(Dan's sister Nen's baby) and Jade only 2 weeks apart!
Jade and Claire (6 weeks apart)

Jade is soo lucky to have cousins so close in age to her. They are all going to be

Last Sunday was Jade and Claire's baby blessing in Utah. It was such a great day! Thanks to all my friends and family that came. I just realized that I didn't get any good up close pictures of Jade in her dress. I guess we will have to put it on again and take some. I loved her dress it's cream and pink! We had so much fun visiting family and meeting claire for the first time. And as you can see I chopped my hair. I swore that I wouldn't do it when I became a mom but I gave in. It was getting soo thin and Jade was always pulling it out and getting spit up in it. My family all talked me into doing it.

haha Sheridan!!

Dan's Family owns a condo in Park City and let my fam stay there for a few nights. We had lots of fun. We went on the alpine slides and the zip line. Then we all headed off to Sacramento. Both babies were great on the 10 hour drive.6 hours into the drive and claire is still smiling!
We took the kids to the zoo and to Fairytale town!!! I loved that place when I was little. I still loved to run the crooked mile!!

Enjoying the zoo!
We are glad to be home but miss the fam already!