Saturday, November 21, 2009


Thursday, November 19, 2009

Hair Clips

I have been obsessed with making hair clips. Here are my first ones!!!!

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

new moon

I had to add these cute pics that I took of Jade this morning...She is getting cuter by the second. She also turns 6 months next week!!! on to the premiere. So my pictures turned out horrible. But oh well you can at least kinda tell it was them. We decided to just stop by because Dan's office is just 2 blocks from the theater. We have been to many movie premieres there before but nothing was like this. It was CRAZY! Tons of people camped out for 5 days just to see the stars. It was nice for me because I just showed up when it started and most of the people in front of me were short so I could still see just fine.
Edward (the back of his head)
the cast of GLEE
Jamie Kennedy with Jennifer Love Hewitt (she's not in the pic)
One of the werewolves
I think one of the vampires

The sea of people

It's so fun to live in LA and get to see stuff like this all the time. We love it here!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Vacation so far

Monday, November 2, 2009

Happy Halloween

We were able to be in Utah for Halloween this year. I don't have time to write but I wanted to post these pics of Jade and Claire so that Nichole could see them. We just got home this morning and tomorrow we are off to PuertoVallarta!

Jade and cousin John
Trick or treating

Em and Ri as Rainbow Bright
Jade and Claire photo shoot! They look so much alike! Sorry, I posted too many.

Jade's first hayride at Camden's b-day party