Wednesday, August 31, 2011

dinner in Vegas?

Dan turned 30 last Friday. I really wanted to do something special because it is such an important birthday. I was at first going to plan a surprise party for him but after seeing how much money the party I wanted to throw was going to cost, I decided to do something super fun with just him and I. My good friend Taryn offered to watch Jade and I made sure that Dan was prepared to take that Friday off of work. I really made it seem like we would be doing something that day with Jade at maybe Disneyland or Sea World. The Thursday before his birthday I dropped Jade off and told Dan that another friend offered to babysit her that night so we could go to dinner alone for his birthday. I picked him up for work and took him to the Inn&out near the airport. He did think it was a little weird that I chose to eat there but we had a little picnic out on the grass and watched the planes fly over us and he had fun. He still had NO idea. After dinner, we got back into the car and I drove him straight into the long term airport parking lot. At that point he was asking many questions, but I was still able to throw him off and he did not think we would be actually getting on the plane. When we got out of the car and I grabbed the suitcase, that's when it hit him. He didn't find out that we were going to Vegas until we arrived at our gate.
We had such a fun time. We stayed at the Aria, one of the newest hotels on the strip. It was super hot in Vegas so we moslty lounged by the pool and at yummy food poolside. That night we ate at the Bellagio buffet which was delicious. We then saw the cirque du soleil show "O". I have seen 4 shows in vegas and so far it has been my favorite. We were able to sleep in until 8:15 the next morning and then flew back to LA.
What a fun weekend. Thanks so much Taryn for watching Jade. She had a blast with you guys!
Right when he was starting to suspect that something was up.

All of the desserts I ate at the Buffet. I want to mention that I left for Vegas I still wasn't really showing. Now that I am home I am for sure showing. I swear it was because I ate so much!
Haha, this is a funny story. I have never gambled at all before and when we were walking by one of the penny slots, I put a dollar in and pushed the spin once and won $2o!! It was awesome. Don't worry, that didn't hook me into playing anymore.

Jade, Macy, and Nate

Sunday, August 21, 2011

Barney LIVE

Every Tuesday one of our local malls puts on activities for kids. We have been going for awhile and love it. After the activity they have a raffle and give away some cool prizes. Last Tuesday we went with Sheridan and they were giving away an extra special prize, 4 tickets to the Barney Live show at the Gibson Amphitheater. Our numbers were called and we won! Jade was so excited to finally win. She walked up all by herself to collect the prize. They even gave her a barney toy. The show was last night and we had a blast. Jade actually had never heard of Barney before this but I got her excited by watching some youtube videos of him. We took Ella along with the extra ticket. It wasn't the most entertaining show that Dan and I have ever been to but it was just so fun to see how much they loved it. They were both dancing in the isles the entire show! What a fun night!
So excited on the way to the show!
Waiting for the show to start

They both would not look away from the stage for a second to get a picture taken


Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Today I am 20 weeks! I cannot believe how fast this has gone. It's crazy! I had another ultrasound this week and it was confirmed a girl. This pregnancy is already a lot different than it was with Jade. Jade was always measuring small and so was I. This time around I am already way bigger than I was with Jade at this point. Yes, I do know that I still am super small for 20 weeks, I am just saying that I am bigger than I was last time. This baby has been measuring BIG. All of my books say that at 20 weeks the baby should weigh around 10 ounces and our little girls is already weighing 14 ounces! She also measures the size of a 22 week old babe. Here is the latest belly pics at 20 weeks. I also added one of me pregnant with Jade at 20 weeks so you can see the difference.

20 weeks with Jade
Here is me now at 20 weeks!
I am just beginning to feel her move and kick and I love it! Now we really need to get working on picking a name...

Monday, August 15, 2011

Ella is 4!

We just got home from another one of Carrie Dalton's AWESOME parties. Seriously, these parties are crazy. I tired to take lots of pictures to show off how great of a job she does at planning parties. The theme was an Alice in Wonderland tea party. And I need to mention that the entire party took place on top of their swimming pool. It was so cool. She had the pool covered in flooring with carpet. It was awesome. Jade loved all of the yummy treats and followed Alice around the entire party. Here are some of the pictures of our fun night. Happy Birthday little Ella!! I can't believe that you are already 4!!

This is how you enter the party. Going down the rabbit hole. So cool!

Drink me!

Party favors

The food table
The dessert table
Her finished mad hatter hat
Getting her face painted by Alice
Me and the birthday girl!
Up close desserts


My little sister Sheridan has been here for over a week and we have been having so much fun with her. Last Saturday we decided to go rent bikes on the Santa Monica pier. I can't believe that we have never done this before. It was SO much fun and we will for sure be doing it again soon. Another day we rode the carousel and ferris wheel at the pier with Jordan, Ella, and Ava. We will be sad when she has to go home this Friday.

Haha, these first pictures are of what we did to entertain us on a Sunday afternoon.

Jade loved to ride bikes. She kept on yelling that she was flying as she had her arms out feeling the wind.
Jade and Ava