Friday, June 22, 2012

Adelle is 6 months next week and I haven't even blogged about her at 4 months. You would think I would be much better about blogging now that I have so much free time because I'm done with school. Like I have said so many times, Adelle is an angle baby. With whatever we are doing she just goes along for the ride. She never cries and is just a happy and content baby. Just the other day I was on a run while pushing both kids in the stroller and I looked down and her hat was completely covering her eyes and she didn't even make a peep. She now is rolling all over the house and enjoys getting to new places around the apartment. She LOVES her big sister. Everytime I look in my mirror while driving her little head is falling forward and she is looking as far as she can to her right just to watch Jade. Jade can just walk by and she will start to giggle uncontrollably. Jade is starting to play with her more too and I can see that soon they will be best friends. I'm looking forward to the day that they will both play together. At Adelle's 4 month check up the doctor noticed that she has torticollis. This is where her neck is slightly crooked. It is from not having enough room in my tummy and her neck muscles are tight and she prefers to lean her head to one side. We have been going to physical therapy for over a month and it's so much better. We have to stretch her neck throughout the day. Next week we will be in Sacramento and she will get to start solids. Jade is very excited for her to start eating baby food. She still has no teeth but I think that will not be for long. Jade trying to breastfeed Adelle Adelle in her carseat looking at Jade